How to find tank in rope hero vice town

How to find tank in rope hero
Find tank in rope hero

To get military tank you have to wait for tipson’s instruction its an special feature whenever tipson wants then you are eligible to get military tank and its for exact mission purpose.

Here is some Key steps you have to follow:

1. Follow tipson’s direction¬†

Go to him and talk what actually he wants, you can simply follow yellow mark of guide to get the leads where actually tipson is.

Meeting with tipson
Meeting with tipson

2. Go to his girlfriend

When you get to the tipson he will tell you all the story about himself, listen carefully may be some he has some hidden hints in his conversation if you avoid or sip you may lose the key instructions of him. He will tell you she wants an military tank and if you don’t get an airplane i might have a breakup, Go to his girlfriend.

Meeting with his girlfriend
Meeting with his girlfriend

3. Grab her cycle

Once you get to her girlfriend there will an extra guide mark pops up on your screen listen to her she ay tell you some other leads as will, she’ll provide her bicycle and and a directions to the military base, take her bicycle and go for the base.

take her bicycle
Take her bicycle

4. Entering in to the military base

After reaching the point of destination (The Military Base) check out for guards battalions, if your luck is so good there won’t be any guard but it happens rarely, If there is some guards you have still few good chances to get in. Turn exact to the right then go about 30 to 40 meters and turn left, you will find a long wall climb it through your rope or feet as well, and jump in then run towards the tank which could have seen from the wall as well, get in to tank and boom you are ready to destroy everything.

Entering in to the military base
Entering in to the military base
Entering in to the military base through the wall
Entering in to the military base through the wall


There are many ways to enter the military base, but the easiest way is to follow the direction given in the post above. You will need to follow the directions given by tipson as you will need to go back the way you came in order to proceed with the mission. Once inside the base, you grab the tank make sure to look at the map and follow the directions given to use the tank in the rope hero vice town. where you can find the red arrow pointing to the left. Make sure to follow the instructions given to avoid getting killed by the enemy. 

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