Quest 17 to 19 of Rope Hero Vice Town

Talking about the last 3 quests of rope hero vice town here we brought for you full informational guide on how to complete these last quests. without wasting any time let’s begin it.

1. Quest #17 This is sparta

This mission is not different from game theme all you have to do is encounter your enemies within the given period of time.

This is sparta
This is sparta

The only different aspect to complete this game mission is you won’t be able to get any weapon or gun to play this. You have to beat all the opponents from your bare hands. And the last significant point of this mission is you have to throw each opponent down to the building.

2. Quest #18 Car Shadowing

This mission is too much resembles from the 1st quest Hot pursuit. in this quest you have to follow the enemy’s car according to given guidelines by tipson.

Car shadowing
Car shadowing

You will get your reward once you take him to his destination carefully without letting him know you are pursuing him. This quest will damage you not more than 5 to 6 minutes collectively. For the better equivalency keep your vehicle around 50 Percent. going too fast or slow will make your quest eventually failed.

3. Quest #19 Defeat Enemies With Partner

In this last quest you have to help your partner defeating his enemies, The partner must not die.

Defeat enemies with partner
Defeat enemies with partner

You have to select destination from the map given above and you’ll end up to the green jacket guy. listen to his complains and act according to it. You must have at least one pistol, you can select and buy from the inventory there is some premium and some free versions of weapons. Will help you finishing it without any kind of difficulty you must have fire gun and rocket hoverboard, it can be seen in inventory store.

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