Quest 2 Aero Parking of Rope Hero Vice Town

Quest 2 Aero Parking
Quest 2: Aero Parking

In this post you will get to know about the Quest 2 Aero Parking of rope hero vice town. This quest has 1 inner mission and it is Aero Parking. ignore the second one its glitch or just showing the same quest 2 times

So, let’s begin with it.

Aero Parking

Quest 2: Aero Parking
Quest 2: Aero Parking

In this quest you will need to go to the lady named “Ola”. You can follow the yellow mark on the right side of the screen or just take a hint on the map there will a subway follow that direction and you will find ola standing near the subway.

Now go for the nearby container spot according to ola using your rope technique, once you get there you will get a notification from her “lift all the cars by air” take your aero straight gun out and clear all the enemies very fast. The aero straight guns will help you to air up the cars, just aim the gun towards the cars and Those will start flying. Now follow that parachute by holding that rope, then return to your spot and go again to the cars and repeat it, until you take all the vehicles and keep repeating there will only be just 3 to 4 cars maximum.

After completing it, return to ola and she will reward you with 20 thousand coins, 100 diamonds and 10 aero special guns.


This quest is one of the smallest missions of rope hero vice town but not necessarily the easiest one. you would have got an idea about what I am trying to say, When we started trying this mission we did try about 5 to 6 times more than the regular ones. First difficulty you will find is aiming for those air guns. They always miss the object and you may say my target is not that specific. That’s why I’m so lacking in getting target hits as much as possible.

And the second difficulty what we faced was holding those vehicles too accurately the first car which I tried to hold it was fine till then and when left it on the ordered point it never stayed there and started leaving point, for few seconds it was not watchable as soon as i see the car it was bit too late, so i had to run through the water but it left nowhere so quickly. I returned again and tried the whole mission after that. Just keep in mind you have to be extra focused and competitive while playing this mission. This mission does not cost you more than 10 minutes if you play it with focus and dedication, otherwise you will get frustrated if you missed any of the single gaze for the second.

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