Quest 3 Zombie Waves of Rope Hero Vice Town

Zombie Waves
Zombie Waves

Zombie waves is the 3rd quest of rope hero vice town. It has only one inner mission as you can see above in the image. So far it will be the most different story in the whole game because all of the game was about city crimes till now, and here comes the zombies. So let’s see.

How to play Zombie waves

Unlike the other quests you will not find Tipson in the main spot because that’s the real plot of the quest, Yes the Tipson is kidnapped, But wait! by whom. Now that’s the real point of this quest. Zombies took him down in their villa. The whole mission is to get him free.

Firstly you need to go for the address where he was mostly seen. yes that house. and ask any one about him and wait for a few seconds there will be a pop up and you will get a yellow mark on the map. You have to just follow that. In the first phase there will be a gigantic machine robot. about 9 to 10 feet tall. but no need to panic here, it will not be the thing you should be worried about and i think it will be the easiest thing to fight with in this phase.  

Which Weapons do we have to use

As you can see it’s kind of a different quest and you need some different kind of weapon here. take the dancing gun it will require about 30k to 40k coins loaded with versions. and the dancing gun would help you to counter this mission as fine as possible. Now lets begin to try. as soon as you kill the gigantic robot the rush of zombies will appear from all the sides. Now it’s time to utilize that dancing gun you bought. When you trigger that gun all the zombies will start dancing for a few seconds and it will be the peak time when you have to take a machine gun out in your hand and select every zombie one by one and finish it all. You will get a armored mini arena suit and 20k coins and 200 diamonds and some premium spins


This is one of the smallest but stuck-able quest of the entire game. You just need to follow our dancing gun tip and you will clear this quest instantly. and one more thing, always avoid going near the fire splashing sideways of this cave. or you will run out of battery life so quickly.

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