Quests 4 to 9 of Rope Hero Vice Town

In this article we are going to share guides and tips for completing quests number 4 to 9 of rope hero vice town. These 6 quests are kind of the smallest ones so we decided to cover all these quests in a single post here. so let’s go for it.

1. Quest #4 Robot Boss

Robot Boss
Quest 4: Robot Boss

The theme of this quest resembles the previous one, the “Zombie wars” a hot molten eruption everywhere. In the start you have to face the gigantic robot as before, but more furious and weaponized.

Before interacting with that beast robot giant you have to make yourself prepared by taking fully customized weapons and health supplies. When you hover the ground you’ll find some round yellow corners after every few steps try to go between into them and there will be weapons and supplies for you like Armor suit, Basic parachute, Silver skin, Acrobat and mystics, Sci fi helmets, Panther helmet night ninja, and the last but not the least The freezer gun which kill dinosaurs which you are going to use the most.

Now, take on your armor suit and grab your freezer gun and make sure to load every available gun as much as possible.

2. Quest #5 Tank Madness

Tank Madness
Tank Madness

Now it’s time for the most interesting quest which you all must be waiting for, The tank madness. Get the map mark from the tipson and make it pin through your screen you’ll need to follow it for going to take the tank.

Now take any vehicle near you and go for the following map mark, and you will end up reaching that place where the mission is set to be started. Once you reach the tank, sit in as soon as possible and kill all the opposition.

There will be a score going on the upper right side of the screen. You must have to blast as many vehicles as you can. It will make your score high. This mission is a short timer quest so you would have just 2 to 3 minutes maximum to do it either you will score high or lose it. try to complete it within a shorter time. and you can also re-start this quest if you want to score higher.

3. Quest #6 Black Jack

As name indicates you can get an idea what about this mission is going to be. Yes you thought correct! It’s a casino related mission called Black jack.

The first step in this mission would be a roulette game where you have to select one number from the numbers given to you on the board and it will be clearly your luck if you get an exact same color or number on the board.

Second step is called loot boxes. It is the main step of the game. You can call it black jack as well. In this step you have to put an amount of numbers and then select your desired quiz. If it matches your amount you will get the prize money.

4. Quest #7 Poker


This quest is not any different than the previous one black jack. Here you will have to complete some little puzzles and spins. We can say these 2 quests are not from the main plot of the game like fighting and killings.

5. Quest #8 Slot Machine

Slot machine
Slot machine

It is also the constituent of both previous quests black jack and poker. it’s not more than trying your luck. Personally I don’t get what’s the actual purpose of giving puzzles and poker quests just for increment of the quests. Somehow you you would still have to play and complete it.

6. Quest #9 Weapon Challenge Pistols

Weapon challenge psitols
Weapon Challenge Pistols

In this quest your Rope hero has to shoot the serial killers. If you are our regular readers you must have known I’ve been a critic of this game’s gun aiming capabilities. Every single time I tried to use their guns there was one common general issue that I faced and that was aiming.

Well for the sake of completing this quest of weapons in rope hero vice town we have to shoot enemies. There will be about 8 opposite characters which you have to target for shooting. Keep in mind that all will be trained shooters so don’t even miss a single chance.

Eradicating each character will make you eligible to collect a certain type of prize, it would be cash or gun or skin or any other supply. After finishing them all, run out of there because more enemies will start haunting you. get any vehicle from near and run to the tipson again.


These all quests are sort of the smallest ones that’s why we decided to cover them all within a single post. Personally, I can’t get it why it was necessary to include those 3 casino quests when it’s nothing to do with a fighting game like Rope hero vice town. Well, these 4 to 9 quests are not very easy. you just have to focus on a few aspects of it and you will clear these all quests within an hour.

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