Quests of Rope Hero Vice Town

Rope Hero vice town Quests
Rope Hero vice town Quests

In the Rope hero vice town there is 19 Basic missions to complete which is called Quests in the language of rope hero. some are easy to go and some are tough enough to counter it. But you get a huge rewards and gadgets for completing the toughest ones.

So, just grab your pop corn and we will make you a pro rope hero player in some posts, our next series of articles is going to be a step by step tutorial of completing each and ever mission, and we are not going to leave in the middle of the game.

So, We will start from the first quest.

Quest 1 of Rope Hero Vice Town

In the first quest of rope hero we have to follow the directions of tipson, there will be 4 inner missions we will hover there one by. one is taking young kids out of the bully gang zone second is to raid the dealers third is Big clash and fourth is hot pursuit.

1. Meeting the tipson

Rope Hero vice town Quest 1
Quest 1: Meet the tipson

When the game starts after practicing the first quest or you say mission will appear on your rope hero’s main screen, and its Meeting the tipson.

Start your journey by following an yellow exclamation sign, when you’ll meet him he will guide you that somewhere around 200 m some boys are bullying youngsters. then again start following his instructions, you can also see the map to get leads.

once you reaches there are bully will confront you and try to prevent you going inside near the youngster kids, Try beat them as soon as possible if you have any kind of gun just use it or you can take over them by just your hand. after making kids free turn immediately back to to the tipson and collect your reward of 5 thousand coins and 10 diamonds.

2. Raid the dealers

Rope hero raid on dealers
Raid on dealers

After finishing the first inner quest you should not make it long to go for another one, Just after collecting your reward select section 2 of quest 1 called Raid The Dealers and you screen will take you to the tipson again. before going in the this fight make sure you purchases or collect your weapons correctly because there will be heavily guarded forces with technical equipment.

Now it will take you to an nearest ATM you have to take the amount you are going to need to buy some necessary stuff, then you will get a red jeep take it and drive it through the exclamation yellow mark. as you reach to the building grab your weapons out and start hunting each dealer instantly because you have to make it rapidly otherwise their more guard power is just there to be arrived. while going back to the base try to steal police car because you have to go actual fast.

if you hunt down each and everyone successfully run to the tipson again and collect reward of 20 thousand coins and 200 diamonds.

3. Big clash

Big clash rope hero vice town
Big clash

In this inner quest there will be some serious fight over the sea town, so be prepare your rope hero vice town with all of your supplies and health batteries and armor dresses.

Go the the tipson he will disclose you all the details for going to clash against big guys, take any car near you try to take some fast car if possible because its going to be long route. or you can also utilize your rope power (recommended) it will save your most of the time. Keep in mind there will be a sea between the route so plan your way accordingly.

as you reach there will be a large number of weaponized gangsters kill them with your techniques once you make down to those people some extra feature of security will arrive, basically int his inner quest there will be another inner quest

But don’t worry it will not be that much difficult, the task will be a guy who is in danger and you have to cover him from all the gangsters. after completing it all use your rope to reach to the tipson and there will be a reward 25 thousand coins waiting for you.

4. Hot pursuit

Hot pursuit rope hero vice town
Hot pursuit

This is the last inner quest of the first meeting tipson quest. in the first second you have to go to tipson and wait for his orders sitting in to the car (red one). as you sit in the car he will release the orders that you have to follow that black (Mafia’s car). You just have to follow him try to not do any inappropriate act which will lead him to identify. so bare in mind you can not go too close to the car. you if he gets any kind of hint you will fail the mission.

after 300 to 400 meters there will be a yellow mark get out of the car because its time to fight bad guys they will grab our their weapons so prepare your rope hero before it. there will be exactly 30 characters which you have to counter. after taking all them down. come back and collect your reward.


It was just first quest out of 19 quests each and everyone has its unique task you have to complete, you can check our whole series of quests guide where performed each quests with its difficulties and techniques.

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