Rope Hero Some Lags & Errors on iOS Devices

When we were playing rope hero vice town with our team and found some issues and then asked our team if they are having these lags & errors, some of our partners never faced any kind of issue at all but few of our friends agreed with it.
Then we started digging on other forums, video portals, gaming portals, communities, private and public groups, we were blown to know there was a quite good number of iPhone users facing those same issues.

{Disclaimer: This survey taken as if the last updated date and it can be vary so please keep this in mind, and may be Naxeex developing team would have been already started on sorting these. }

Let’s discuss what were those laggings actually:

1. Losing Scores and Other Data

People also complained they were afraid of logging out or changing their device or re installing the app because of losing their in-game data like current scores, achievements daily rewards and much more, one of the guy we asked about he told us “I Had a gun frozen in my bucket with remaining bullets and accessories i uninstalled the coz of my phone’s storage issues, when re installed the app, the gun was gone and I was so fed up” he told more he contacted to developers and they made their words it will be sorted really soon and granted him some type of in-game rewards and some extra loaded skins and guns.

2. Respawning in Absurd Places

We did not faced this issue ourselves but found very generic in other communities or forums online, after asking a bit deeper they told us whenever their rope hero dies and his respawning time (life after death in gaming characters) comes most of the time its on any car, tree, someones head, its kinda funny but needs to be sorted because its actually irritating whe you are trying to make your game more and more interesting after getting a new life and it just stucks on some stupid place and block your view, and it was just about stopping view but it was making map area and some button invisible as well, Though the same people who were complained about this issue made an exception that this lag doesn’t take too much time it can be manageable it just goes for some nano seconds and its bearable, somehow developers needs to fix this as soon as possible.

Respawning main character
Respawning main character

3. Shooting Gun’s Aiming Was Not as Accurate

Our third observation was with gun’s shooting aims, we faced it ourselves, there was a machine gun with loaded about 35 rounds of 600 bullets (automatic one) and it was going just aim less out of nowhere, was just so fed up with it, in the end tried target a man with as much as focusing as possible and still got non touched, yeah you can say my target may not were as accurate but it happened over the time about too much, then we start asking more people about this and were amazed to know we were not wrong, even on the official iOS store some people complained about this issue, just hope they just fix this.

Rope hero Gun Aim
Aiming Guns

4. Climbing Capabilities of Rope Hero

It seems just an small bug we just don’t get it why developing team didn’t resolved it from the beginning, I’m sure you all would have faced this issue, whenever rope hero tries to climb the buildings even taller ones, he goes to furiously and stuck at a simple edge where uper side of the roof is slightly out of the main wall, look at this image below you’ll get an idea what I’m talking about.

Climbing capabilities of rope hero
Rope hero climbing

5. Tank Driving & Firing

It could be just my own personal judgement or non perfection but i will share you my experience definitely when i took the tank it made me so happy to see how i became so destructible within a span of seconds without buying any special feature or taking reward, but it made me so fed-up to see how irritable that tank was to drive, for the second i thought it must be happening because of my own settings from the menu and i went there again switch some basic tank settings and it was still the same as before, the actual which i am talking about was navigation of the tank. I just don’t get it why they made complex with camera view or tank navigation towards the road?
Look at here:

Rope hero tank navigation
Tank navigation

As we drive other cars we never have to look other than our path, And yes bombing missiles from the tank was one of the best and user friendly feature of that tank, Hope that developers make their eye towards this issue and make tank navigation or driving more user friendly.


As we say it’s one of the best game we ever played couldn’t find more bug or lags on iOS devices as we play or dug at forums and communities, that’s only major lagging issues we wrote above, as we see in the market they have tons of errors it’s unlike the, we hope developers would definitely fix those issues as much as possible and we will be happy to play rope hero as its finest.


You will need almost 500mb to download its iOS version, 250 MB takes original game file, and some extra MBs to cover extra files.

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