City of Crime Liberty 1.5.2 APK + MOD [Unlimited Money]

App NameCity of Crime Liberty
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
DeveloperNaxeex LLC
Size82 MB
Requires Android5.0 and up
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About City of Crime Liberty MOD APK

A street masterpiece named City of Crime Liberty MOD APK reappears with a number of intriguing surprises. The tales in this street adventure game are just as fascinating. Players have been energized and excited by the new version’s adventure gameplay mixed with a variety of unusual circumstances. The ideal debugger has made improvements that have astounded and surprised players. Let’s win this game, pledging to leave even the most meticulous players with a lasting impression.


There are massive war riots everywhere as a city is sucked into the vortex of growth. The corrupt privileges and bribes of their bosses engulf families in the metropolis. This is a bad situation that threatens to destroy all positive cultural ideals worldwide. All those remnants and evil thoughts appeared to alter with Toni Cipriani’s arrival.

The Toni man has favorably altered the entire city since he reappeared in City of Crime Liberty MOD APK with a completely new appearance after years of disappearance. People who are dishonest and accepting bribes appear to be frightened of this man’s presence. The man’s iciness and frightened expression gave the impression that nothing had changed for the citizens of the city.


This man has made his own imprint with a fresh appearance and aura thanks to his steely determination. Players will assume the position of Toni in City of Crime Liberty and take part in the process of re-establishing government in this city. This lovely city has been ruined and has lost its charm due to all the evils, such as inheritance conflicts, money looting, and corruption. This is totally absurd and has a negative effect on the locals.

Our primary goal is to dispel that unfavorable social perception. Liberate the locals and let them win for themselves. The residents of this city, including our families, are the ones who aspire to an existence devoid of back and forth on a daily basis.


Players in the game can safeguard themselves when necessary by using a variety of weapons. Numerous battles will occur, and some of them may result in fatalities. Keep your weapons at the ready in case you start to hesitate. To move more quickly and compactly and escape police arrest, use a motorcycle. snooping around in the city’s hidden corners to assess the overall scenario and develop the best course of action.

Players will experience a sense of immersion in reality thanks to the HD quality, lifelike graphics used in the game’s images. Each character’s actions are followed by sounds to make a new character.

Enjoy the game

The duties are increased in complexity with each level, and each level will present unique obstacles that we must work to overcome as a team. You can follow the pattern or change according to your skills in an open-world adventure. The creation of a new unique feature in City of Crime Liberty will be greatly enhanced by the use of a very complex and intriguing one-touch control.

Use virtual reality lighting effects to give this special version a three-dimensional appearance. The character’s perception of the circumstance is also very surprising when supported by strong physical control. Additionally, the drawing distance is clearly specified, making it simple to handle a variety of unforeseen circumstances.

This allows City of Crime Liberty to clearly convey the personalities of each character while showcasing an entirely different playing experience. Every challenge will show up at every stage in order to surprise us and provide us with engaging game-playing experiences. In addition, the game offers you fresh encounters and is not monotonous to keep you interested.

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