Jetpack Hero Miami Crime MOD APK 1.8 [Unlimited Money & Points]

App NameJetpack Hero Miami Crime
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
DeveloperNaxeex LLC
Size85 MB
Requires Android5.0 and up
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A wide variety of weapons at the neighborhood gun store; intelligent AI for more intense combats; special jobs with increased financial benefits. You are most feared by police special forces. You are local law enforcement’s and criminals’ worst nightmare.

You are a terrifying hybrid of a human and another species.
Fight to satisfy your bloodlust for violence. Decide how to best defeat your adversaries. Get in the air and experience freedom above the lawless metropolis.

Become the worst community for crime.

About Jetpack Hero Miami Crime MOD APK

an excellent open-world third-person action game. He will undertake risky missions while you are in the metropolis. You must return them because there are enemies in the city streets waiting to shoot the primary character. The player will be given many guns, as well as land, sea, and air transportation, to accomplish this. However, the protagonist’s use of a jetpack, which will increase your mobility and rapidity of movement, is the key element in this scene.

Miami Jetpack Hero You will demonstrate your power in the crime world. In this brand-new freestyle action game, you move through the metropolis like a whirlwind. Threats numbering in the hundreds are aiming their firearms at you as you struggle to defend yourself. Damage-dealing weapons are also used in the game, and exciting fights frequently occur. Be a brave man who longs for life in a harsh climate like this without resorting to any tricks.


You will assume the part of our main character, a hybrid of a human and an animal. However, because you are a creature and cannot comprehend the ideas of others, conflicts develop between you and the citizens of the city. When you enter the human world, people treat you with contempt and don’t really welcome you. The conflicts start out because everyone in the city is constantly afraid of you and wants to murder you before you kill them.

You despise every person in the metropolis, but you lack the tools to murder them. While it’s still light, you go to each location and murder everyone there. Adventures include robbing people of their vehicles, crossing busy streets, and attempting to crush them to death.


You are given cutting-edge weaponry like a silent luxury helicopter, bulletproof cars, and magical armor in Jetpack Hero Miami Crime. Guns are also a necessary component of your arsenal in the game. Everyone is fighting you, and the authorities are afraid of you. The tasks appear to be very challenging, and you need to get away from all the dangers.

Very afraid that one day you will become too worn out from these difficulties and give up, but you have an unbreakable character, so it is difficult to give up. Unfortunately, wars will never end, so you must preserve a certain quantity of blood to avoid dying.

MOD Menu

Unlimited Money
No Ads
Unlimited Gems
Upgraded Points

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