Download Stickman Rope Hero Mod APK 4.0.7 [Unlimited Money & Gems]

App NameStickman Rope Hero
DeveloperNaxeex LLC
Size27.2 MB
Requires Android4.4
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Screenshots of Stickman Rope Hero APK

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Stickman rope hero mod apk 4

About Stickman Rope Hero APK

Naxeex Ltd. provides the incredibly thrilling game Stickman Rope Hero. The character you play will have a magic rope that can adhere to any surface, making navigation easier. Additionally, it enables your character to pull off incredible acrobatics and life-threatening acts.

Your character will journey across a big city with intricate architecture, several types of structures, and numerous secret destinations in this thrilling adventure game. To complete missions, your hero can traverse the urban jungle or scale huge skyscrapers.

Stunts like free-falling, swinging from skyscrapers, and more are all possible! In this manner, there will always be something new to overcome. Get it and use it to travel in style.

Background of Stickman Rope hero APK

The city in which Stickman Rope Hero is based is sizable and teeming with activity. You take on the role of a courageous explorer who has been given magic ropes by a long-gone wizard. You may stick to any surface with these ropes, which makes navigation simple.

You will go throughout the city to perform quests and discover secret areas in this thrilling adventure game. You can use your unique skills, such as skydiving or swinging from structures, to your advantage.

The city is also rife with crime and home to numerous lethal evil clones. As a result, you will have to battle and vanquish them in order to reinstate order in the city. They are well-equipped with lethal weapons and potent magical skills, so this won’t be easy.

What to Expect When Enjoying Stickman Rope Hero

The ideal game for you if you enjoy adventure games is Stickman Rope Hero. This captivating game includes:

Daily Benefits. For carrying out easy game duties like signing in and playing a predetermined number of levels, you can receive daily rewards.

Fantastic animations and graphics. It’s a delight to play because of the gorgeous rendering and extremely detailed graphics. From various camera angles, you can see every aspect of your character as well as the modern city setting.

Sense-based controls. You may move about the complicated metropolitan area with unmatched ease because to the controls’ ease of learning and mastery.

Numerous vehicles Business-class cars. sports cars, SUVs, limousines, helicopters, off-road trucks, and tanks are all featured in the game.

Adjust the eyes of the Stickman Rope Hero. In the game, you can choose a different shade of green for your character’s eyes or make him a superhero with blue eyes. You may alter the colour of his skin and hair as well. Make careful to try out various combinations until you get the ideal appearance for your character.

Amazing Stickman Rope Hero Features

An Experience Refreshed. There are additional challenges, hidden objects, and missions in this game. Additionally, you will get access to more characters, equipment, and upgrades.

Enjoyable Physics System When it comes to pulling off life-threatening feats and acrobatics, the game’s smart physics system gives players a lot of creative licence. This method enables you to transform your character into a superhero.

Excellent playability The controls are incredibly simple to use and comprehend. Additionally, it contains a variety of dynamic adversaries and obstacles that will put your reflexes to the test. In a nutshell, the gameplay is incredibly frantic, exhilarating, and captivating.

Liberate Your City. Residents of your city are in shock as a result of an evil group terrorising the area.


You will direct enemies to certain locations where they have collected. The ideal scenario would be for you to protect your city while eliminating every threat. There are a lot of bad players, therefore it will be challenging to win.

There will always be fresh dangers and foes to face. To fend off hostile attacks, players will need to obtain superior weapons. These weapons will come with some quite astounding range capabilities. Boost the effectiveness of your enemy slaying. A benefit can also come from battling wisely and saving money.

Conflicts will get more challenging as you finish the task. Skillfully control your character’s movements while dodging your adversary’s counterattacks. Get rid of all the bad guys in the city.

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