Download Stone Giant mod 2.5.1 APK [Unlimited Upgrade Points]

App NameStone Giant
Mod InfoUnlimited Money
Upgraded Points
DeveloperNaxeex LLC
Size120 MB
Requires Android5.0 and up
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Screenshots of Stone Giant Mod APK

Stone Giant Mod APK 1
Stone Giant Mod APK 2
Stone Giant Mod APK 3
Stone Giant Mod APK 4

About Stone Giant Mod APK

You will be changed into a Stone giant guy with the ability to completely destroy the city in this alluring action game, which is played from the character’s third-person viewpoint. In this game, you have the option to freely make stone giant mod apk role; you can decide whether to play a bandit or a hero who saves the day.

In this game, you start off as a fairly regular guy, but one day you gain unrestricted power and rule over everything. With extended gameplay, Stone Giant Mod APK will give you access to a sizable metropolis that you can freely govern to your liking. The player will grow swiftly into a giant, at which point they will take over the entire game. Along the route, you can steal automobiles and use firearms to steal from the gangsters.


You can change at will and produce terrifying strikes because you have mutant power. Only in this game can you learn about the strength that lies within this enormous stone guy and uncover further unusual features. Utilize your skills to conduct numerous controls that will enable your character to reach their maximum potential. No one can stop you from taking this city, even those who prepare to assault you with highly destructive weaponry are helpless in front of you.


You can access two different game modes with Stone Giant. You have the option of both becoming a city destroyer and simply travelling the world. For surprise attacks, players must equip their characters with weapons after changing their appearance by donning the appropriate outfits from the game. In addition, as you advance through the levels of play, the challenges get harder. To unlock new, intriguing items, you must perform the new tasks.

Mod Features

  • Quickly complete the objective while having the sensation of being a gigantic stone man with unrestricted abilities whowreaks havoc on the entire city.
  • The game provides two distinct game modes so you can easily switch between them and explore the city in third person while doing whatever you want and being unhindered
  • Players must equip a skill because the difficulty will steadily rise after each level they complete. In addition, you’ll get tempting rewards after finishing.
  • You can wander the city as an ordinary person in addition to being a huge stone guy, but you must pack outfits and weapons in case you are assaulted.

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